Wednesday, 28 February 2007

A Wicked Sense of Humour

Carolina Cannonball has been having some fun with her clients... Gee, it's great to know that some people really enjoy their work...

In the business I am in I deal with lots of unmarried couples looking to co habit. One of our qualifications to rent a property is that an individuals monthly gross income must be at LEAST 3 xs the rent.

The only time we can combine two people's gross income is if they are married.

Most unmarried couples can afford a particular house, but they do not qualify for it. The reason we enforce this rule is because we have seen, in our years of property management services, that a couple will move in together then 6 months later break up. The one person who chooses to stay usually can't afford the rent alone and then they want to break the lease. So we make darn sure if they aren't married they at least make enough money to handle the rental payments alone.

I get complaints on this rule all the time. Couples balk and homos scream discrimination. But I like to have a little fun with this rule. I especially like to torment the men.

Couple: We don't qualify individually, but together we make 3xs the rent

Cannonball: we can only combine married couples income

Couple: nervous silence

Cannonball: Well, you two could always get married and come back. HA HA HA

Women: Yeah, I guess we could

Man: uh... oh... I... um... what?

Cannonball: How long have you two lovelies been together?

Couple: (insert some random amount of time)

Cannonball: Really? That long? What's wrong (glaring at guy)

Man: (deer in head lights expression)

Cannonball: (insane laughter in my head)

Couple: flee from office. Man usually storming out & women following pleading.



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Emitte said...

Tee-hee-hee! Delicious!

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