Friday, 8 December 2006

More Prayers Please

On the subject of babies, I have mentioned that my sister is expecting her first in early January. She had problems at the beginning of the pregnancy but they had seemed to have passed.

Yesterday she was told that there is a possibility that the baby will be a breech presentation, as it's in the wrong position at the moment. There is still another week in which my nephew/niece could move round, but obviously my sister is a little worried. Any prayers gratefully received.

St. Gerard, pray for them.


Ma Beck said...

May I suggest she get a portable CD player with some music and place the headphones down low on her abdomen? She can then place a glass of ice water or frozen peas high up, discouraging the baby from staying up there.
Also, (this is not going to be her finest moment) down on all fours for a little bit of time every day is effective.
And if all else fails, swimming works.
(We did the music bit, and the ice water, and that was all it took. The baby moved almost immediately.)
I am praying to the mighty St. Gerard for her.

Diane said...

You got it, Mac.

Anonymous said...

Many congratulations on renewing your vows may there be many more to come. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your sister, Sylvester and the whole family. Perhaps we should ask St John the Baptist to intercede for the little one to move in the womb!! God bless, Fr James.

antonia said...

oh goodness, yes I will say a prayer for her & the little baby

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