Sunday, 22 November 2015

Margate's Michaelmas Fair

We had a Michaelmas Fair last week at St. Austin & St. Gregory, Margate. I felt the urge to get back to my hobby, so took a few photos which, I thought, came out rather well.

Deacon Neville and his wife, Anne, did a grand job of trying to persuade me to buy some children's toys. I resisted, but the absence of a sale wasn't due to lack of effort on their part - I had absolutely no cash on me, as I'd spent it all on petrol for my new car!


Yvonne and Breda had a fabulous stall with various items of costume jewellery. I don't wear anything other than my crucifix and miraculous medal, but I was seriously tempted by some of the beautiful bead necklaces...


...and so, it would appear, was Deacon Ambrose...


I was rather amused to see that cats feature pretty much everywhere...


All the photos from the Fair can be seen on my Flickr pages.

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Michael Anthony said...

My dear friend, surely you mean Martinmas!

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