Friday, 21 June 2013

Kudos To Shrewsbury Diocese...

Shrewsbury Diocese tweets under the Twitter handle @ShrewsRCnews and Simon Caldwell has been busy tweeting about the flooding in Lourdes because it will affect the diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes planned for the end of July.

It looks as though the Grotto itself will be opened up from Monday (possibly sooner) but the Domaine has suffered serious damage which will cost millions to repair. Several hotels have been forced to close because of flood damage, and are unlikely to reopen this season. The Underground Basilica of St. Pius X was flooded out (I saw it on one of the video clips) and it's hard to believe that it will be opened any time soon. The Church of St. Bernadette (opposite the Grotto) will have to remain closed all season because of serious structural damage.

Despite the difficulties this will cause, the diocesan pilgrimage will still go ahead. In addition, they plan to donate €5000 towards repairs (along with any other donations people care to contribute.) Apparently they did the same thing after the floods last October.

If anyone else wants to contribute, details can be found on the Diocese of Shrewsbury News Updates page.

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Recusant said...

Looks like the 'pompage' in the Pie-X Basilica is going rather well, although there is still rather a lot of water in there ("encore quelques milles metres cubiques"). The river is still so high it's hard to see where they're going to put it all.

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