Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Wasps In Autumn...

The Call to Action group which is trying to organise meetings of dissenters in various dioceses around the country remind me of wasps in autumn. They're dying, and they become more vicious because time is running out.

As I said on Twitter, I rather resent having to pay any attention to this unhappy coterie: I'd much rather settle back, and find out, in this Year of Faith, exactly what Vatican II actually did say about things like obedience to Papal authority, rather than being forced to repeat myself ad nauseam to people who are so wedded to their little fantasies of how the Spirit of Vatican II opened all the windows and doors of the church that they wouldn't recognise an actual Vatican II document if it sat up, waved a tie-dye stole and a tambourine, and bit them on the bum.

So why am I wasting a perfectly good evening's blogging time?

Well, it is rather invidious, this dissent thing. Dissent must make a noise. It has to be vocal. It is instability attacking stability, and so it needs to pop up all over the place in order to convince the powers-that-be that change just has to happen, because simply everyone is calling for it.

Quite apart from the fact that the Church, being a supernatural institution started and protected by God himself, isn't going to cave in to that sort of rubbish (well, not when considered in the light of eternity) there is the purely human aspect of it. The faithful Catholics in the pews who attend Mass regularly and support the Church with their time and money aren't, by and large, a vocal group. They expect things to be taken care of. Most of them won't actually notice the Call to Action types - just as they didn't really pay any attention to the Stand Up for Vatican II crowd.

The faithful parish priests, on the other hand, are hearing nothing but the vocal minority. With the best will in the world, it is difficult to keep one's spirits up in the face of such relentless poison. And, believe me, this stuff, just like a wasp sting, is a poison. It's killed off plenty of vocations over the past forty years, and destroyed many people's faith.

It is absolutely vital that this sort of dissent is dealt with. It's tempting to leave it to die quietly, but a dying wasp is vicious, and a whole nest really needs expert removal.

There is a precedent. The Bishop of Lincoln, Nebraska, issued an automatic interdict in 1996 which progressed to excommunication on members of the organisation within his diocese. This was backed up by Rome. In view of the latest Motu Proprio, the Bishops of England & Wales cannot just sit back and allow this to continue unchallenged. Silence implies consent.

Faithful Catholics also need to make their feelings known by writing to their Bishops. Find out where the meetings are to be held, and if it is on Catholic premises, then demand to know why.

If it all gets too much, remember to laugh about it. The gates of hell shall not prevail.

Finally, remember to support the very many faithful priests and religious who are as tired of this nonsense as anyone else. And don't forget to pray.

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