Friday, 5 August 2011

Kitty-Update: By Popular Demand...

I was truly surprised (and very humbled) to find out how many people at the Faith Summer Session read my blog. Even more surprising was the number of people who were actually keen to know what the cats have been up to lately. Yes, that's right... I spend ages on my more serious posts, and hardly anyone noticed. They all wanted to know about the cats.

When I arrived home, I spotted Monsignor Furretti lying on the grass in the front "garden" (it's actually just a strip of grass and some bushes to one side of the car parking area). I got out of the car, and she sat up. She made a chirruping noise, so I called her, at which point she came running up to me, and rubbed up against my ankles, purring enthusiastically. I then brought her inside and gave her some biscuits, which she ate with gusto.

Monsignor Miaowrini was nowhere to be seen, so I called her name through the catflap a few times. A short while later she came charging in, but she headed straight for the cat biscuits. After eating her fill, she came over to greet me. Slightly different priorities, but she is a much smaller cat - I think Furretti steals most of her food when I'm not looking...

Having fed the cats and made a fuss of them both, I had time to unpack and check the rest of the flat. I found the following little note from my next-door neighbour (who had been on cat-sitting duties.)

Dear Mac,

I came in and found the cat biscuits all over the kitchen floor. I have put them into some spare containers, and I hope that is of some help.

I am sorry, but I haven't seen both cats in together, so I can't tell which cat ate what food, sorry. I made a fuss of Furretti and have seen Miaowrini in the garden, so I assume both cats are ok.

Killing Fields

Mice (dead) - 4
Birds (dead) - 3
Mice (half alive) - 2
Birds (half alive) - 1
Plums (half eaten) - 3

Hope you had a good time.
Love Jan.

I have to admit that I didn't know cats liked plums. Cheese, crisps, coffee, yes... plums, no. I shall endeavour to find out more tomorrow...


Genty said...

Nah. The plums were used as bait to attract the birds and the mice. Those kitties are two sharp felines.
Thanks for the update and for the excellent report on the conference. It sounds very heartening.

Dilly said...

I'm glad the kitties survived ok - but when will we see your photographic efforts from Fr Briggs' Mass? I missed it (though went on Saturday to the second one, which was also very nice - but oh - how I wish I could have been there on Tuesday).

Mac McLernon said...

Patience, Dilly!

The photos need to be edited for the web, otherwise the blog will take two hours to load!

It's under way, I promise...

Terry Nelson said...

And I love the cat's names.

Mac McLernon said...

Thanks Terry.

Both cats have lived up to their names.

Monsignor Furretti (named for Blessed Pope Pius IX, whose family name was Mastai-Ferretti) is indeed furry.

Monsignor Miaowrini (named for Mgr. Guido Marini, Pope Benedict XVI's MC) miaows a lot.

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