Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Taken from an article in the Catholic Times in September 2008:

"From the time of the apostles Peter and Paul there has always been disagreement in the Church, and it is often vigorously expressed – but, 'in all things charity.'"

No prizes for working out who the writer was. However, I am puzzled by the distinct lack of charity he shows towards those who criticise him.

Fr. Clifton first amended a post, following a phonecall from Mgr. Loftus, but to no avail. He then wrote:

"I regret to inform you that I am faced with an impossible situation. Mgr Loftus has refused to accept my apologies and threatens me with action in civil and church courts. As a result I am very worried..."

And then there is the threat to sue Fr. Ray Blake:

"The Monsignor threatened to sue me for suggesting that he was a heretic, if the comments were not removed within 7 days..."

It seems that a British court is unlikely to uphold any such suit (check out the explanations given by Fr. Tim Finigan and by Dominic Mary.) Nevertheless, the attitude shown by Mgr. Loftus appears to contradict his previous comment.

Not so much "but, in all things charity" as "anything but charity."


Anonymous said...

The behaviour of Msgr. Loftus reminds me of the illiberal behaviour of the "liberals" of the 60's whose" catechising" destroyed faith and possibly souls.

Left-footer said...

Odium theologicum, huh!

Dominic Mary said...

My only concern about the proposed ligitation is whether the costs - which could be substantial - would ultimately be landed upon the Faithful, rather than upon the arrogant but apparently faithless.

That would not be just.

Anonymous said...

While one can understand anyone not being delighted at being called heretical, being called Christian would be very welcome. Due to his behaviour I would be reticent to use this term in relation to the Mgr.

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