Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Progress Report...

I was very, very touched by all the messages of support and prayers for Sylvester's recovery (when there was still hope for it) and prayers for me (once he'd died.)

I do miss him - we'd been together for over 13 years - and the flat feels rather empty without him.

Different people react in different ways to the loss of a pet. I have noticed some people eyeing me speculatively (His Hermeneuticalness looked ever so slightly wary as he expressed his condolences on his return from holiday, for example!) - it's as if they are unsure whether or not I'm going to burst into tears at the slightest mention of cats.

I'm not that type, I'm afraid.

It is true that I declared, at the tender age of 10, that I would never have another cat as long as I lived, because my darling Otto had disappeared (probably cat-napped for his fur - there had been a spate of cat disappearances in the area at the time.) But that resolution lasted all of 30 seconds after my mother fished out a sorry-looking kitten from the Blue Cross kitty-carrier, saying, "I totally understand how you feel, but let me take the kitten out just so she can have a drink of milk before I return her to the Blue Cross, darling!" One look at the poor mite toddling over to the saucer (she had rickets, which was why my mother had picked her, wanting to give her a better life) and my heart melted.

So, I intend to get a cat (possibly two, to keep each other company as I'm out quite a lot) as soon as possible. And yes, it is safe to tell cat jokes in my presence...


Dominic Mary said...

Two sounds like a scheme . . . I'm delighted to hear this; not least because it proves the power of prayer !

Miss Ellen E. said...

Glad to hear you're OK and if I were to bump into you in the next few days there would be no need to 'pussy-foot' (pun intended!) around the subject of cats and new kittens etc. :-)

nazareth priest said...

Love ya, dearie!
So hard to have a pet pass on...I know...I know...Love and prayers!

Elizabeth said...

Looking forward to more "tails" from the furry world. What a beautiful photo!! Cats rule!!!

Victoria Mildew said...

just returned from short break and I am so sorry to hear about Sylvester, RIP.
It's difficult to put into words how pets, especially cats, become part of the family and when they die, the loss is so great.
Apologies if I've sent this to you before (?) but it's a wonderful poem that encapsulates the impact, felix domesticus (hope that's right?!) has on our lives.

(W Girt)

The Lord looked down upon His world, created fresh and new,
With soaring, shining mountain tops and gleaming seas of blue.
The lordly lions roaming free with tigers golden bright,
All very grand, magnificent, but somehow, not quite right.
He stroked His beard and mused awhile and thought of this and that,
'All these are far too big,' he said, 'I'll make a smaller cat;
To edge towards the fire at night, out of the chilly wind,
An independent animal, but needing human kind;
With fur so soft and warm to touch, but brimming full of guile,
With pansy-faced wee kittens to make the children smile.'
All that was very long ago, but still the cat's with us,
Aloof and condescending, but loving all the fuss.
You'll never, ever own a cat, as all cat lovers know,
He'll curl himself around your heart and never let you go.

Take care and God bless you (and Sylvester, RIP)
(6/10/2010 UK BST 23.11pm)

Mark said...

I have two, and they love each other's company.

Have you seen this Pope-with-cat-in-Birmingham photo and story?

Mark said...

Sorry, I forgot to include the link...


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