Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Lenten Appeal...

One of the duties to which the Church encourages us to pay more attention during the season of Lent is that of almsgiving.

Finding suitable charities to support (ones that don't fund research into embryo experimentation, contraception or abortion, for example) can be difficult. The SPUC charities page is an invaluable resource.

However, closer to home, there is a totally pro-life charity which is in need of a bit more support. The wonderful Sisters of the Gospel of Life are appealing for help with buggies, cots, moses baskets and baby baths, which they then give to mothers who, without such practical support, might have ended up aborting their babies, simply because they couldn't see any way to manage.

Now, the Sisters are actually asking for any second-hand items which are going spare. But this is only really practical if you happen to live in the Glasgow area.

However, if you were able to consider buying any such item from Amazon UK or Amazon, well, they deliver to Glasgow. All you need to do is put the delivery address as

Sisters of the Gospel of Life
104 Albert Road
G42 8DR

And that's the almsgiving part of your Lenten duties sorted, all from the comfort of your own home... or office... and you get all the fun of picking out something nice for a needy family...

Alternatively, the Sisters have a PayPal donation button on their sidebar.


GospelofLife said...

Mac, thank you so much! It's great to know we can always rely on you for support.

Sr Amanda

(P.S, Can you change the address in your post to 104 Albert Rd, Glasgow, G42 8DR? Thanks!)

Mac McLernon said...

It is my great pleasure and privilege to help in this small way.

I've changed the address.

the mother of this lot said...


GospelofLife said...

Mother of this lot,

If it was you who sent us the fold-away baby baths, thank you very much!

God bless,
Sr Amanda

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