Thursday, 16 July 2009

They're Going To Do It Anyway...

Matthew Archbold of Creative Minority Report has an excellent post comparing the US government's approach to smoking in teenagers and the approach to underage sex... and wondering what would happen if the approach to the latter were consistent with that of the former.

Why not restrict advertisers from using sex in commercials geared towards young people? How about Hollywood treats underage sex in movies as something undesirable rather than the apotheosis of cool?

Certainly, young people engaging in premarital sex is as least as dangerous to themselves and society as smoking.

So why do we spend so much and try so hard to prevent young people from smoking and then just throw our hands up as a society when it comes to sex saying "Ah, they're just going to do it anyway?"

The government's reaction of just handing out condoms is like putting filters on cigarettes - and about just as effective.

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Baron Korf said...

I must not be a target demographic. I've never understood how a woman is supposed to look appealing with a cigarette.

Patricius said...

Fornication seems to me to be far more disgusting than smoking...

gemoftheocean said...

Hey, let's go whole hog. Have the school nurse show the kids how to clean their needles because they're "going to shoot up, anyway." LEt's be consistent here.

Elizabeth said...

Personally, I think with the amount of people dying of lung cancer (that I know of), the government is quite keen for our youngsters to smoke. I would even go as far as to say that something is being put into the cigarettes to make sure they become addicted and die sooner. Now I know this sounds like a conspiracy, but who knows.

The same with sex. Aids and STDs have become a very serious problem and what are 'the powers that be' doing
- encouraging more ways to catch the diseases. Instructing children to start as early as possible, then they have a greater chance of being infected.

There are great minds behind all of this (as there are many great minds in hell), and they know exactly what they are doing. They don't care about our youngsters, they think of them as the scum of earth a disposeable commodity. If they cared they would treat them with respect and love. Where is the love in sex education and concern about smoking or drug taking.

Our youngsters are only a statistic, if they live make sure they can't have children and certainly don't allow them to get married and lead morally decent and happy lives.

If I'm going off on one, it is because I am tired of the way the youth is being treated in this country.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

How'd you get that picture of me?

Seraphic Spouse said...

I've been thinking about this suggestion, off and on. I think the difficulty would be that smoking is quite obviously public behaviour that quite obviously affects people around you. We are so used to thinking of sex as deeply private behaviour that it would be harder to get the damage it does to everyone else across.

I would really like to know if the prevalence of the birth control pill and spermicide is damaging men's and other women's fertility via public drinking water.

Elizabeth said...

Seraphic Spouse

I would really like to know if the prevalence of the birth control pill and spermicide is damaging men's and other women's fertility via public drinking water.

Definately, why else do we have such a high level of infertility in this country. If the STDs don't make you infertile then don't worry the water will do it's utmost to do so. A charcoal water filter would help as we can't stop drinking water. This is one of the arguments behind men developing female breasts and even the inclination to homosexuality.

God alone knows what else the powers that be add to our water and food. Here I go again, another conspiracy theory.

George said...

Seraphic Spouse writes, "I would really like to know if the prevalence of the birth control pill and spermicide is damaging men's and other women's fertility via public drinking water".

Well that's an intersting one, and I can tell you for sure that right across the UK, Europe and the USA the high rates of 'transgenic fish' (feminisation of male fish, those that have changed sex exhibiting both male and female organs etc... - ie completely screwed up) that are being found in our rivers and waterways only has one explanation - High levels of human birth control pill hormones in the water! This is a proven fact with much scientific evidence to back it up.

For example: In a recent 7-year, whole-lake experiment in Canada, Kidd et al. [32] found that chronic exposure of fathead minnows to low EE2 concentrations (5 - 6 ngl-1) led to feminisation of males and, ultimately, a near extinction of this species from the lake.

If these substances can wipe out entire fish populations what are they doing to us?

Water for human consumption is taken from rivers and stored in reservoirs then treated through a system of sedimentation, flocculation, filtration and finally chlorination to make it potable - tastes UGhhhhhhh, but it is drinkable - just!

However, the water treatment DOES NOT target nor remove these sex hormones and YES we are drinking these by the gallon every day.

Perhaps there lies the answer to why there is so much infertility and homosexuality around! These hormones in the water are seriously messing up our biological systems.

There is an answer and it's easy. Take control of the situation and do what we did in our home at least thirty years ago and fit your own undersink drinking water filter.

For a very modest outlay £70-80 or so you can fit a cannister filter to your cold water feed pipe in the kitchen, fit a tap (included in the kit) and hey presto CLEAN, Uncontaminated drinking water at the press of a lever. And it tastes great too, because it also removes chlorine! Make sure the filter cartridge is based on activated charcoal and that you change it at the recommended frequency (6 months approx).

It has been said many times that the water we drink in the London Thames area has been through the human alimentary system at least seven times before it gets to you! A good case for extra filtration if ever there was one!

Hope that answers the question you pose.

I am still at a loss as to why the Water Authorities do not do more or prioritise this as a serious threat to our Country's well being???

Unless there happens to be another agenda here.... we all HAVE to drink their water..... population control the easy way? Here I go again, but remember just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you! ;-)

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