Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Shocking News: Pope Upholds Catholic Teaching!

The mainstream media have gotten their knickers in a twist. The Holy Father has stated quite clearly that condoms are not the solution to the HIV/AIDS crisis, neither in Africa nor elsewhere.

That is hardly surprising. The Church has always opposed the use of condoms, as it has every method of artificial birth control.

The particular quote which seems to be causing most outrage is: "One cannot overcome the problem [of HIV/AIDS] with the distribution of condoms. On the contrary, they increase the problem."

This is not a reference to the fallibility of condoms. It is pointing out the blindingly obvious fact that the belief that condoms protect against HIV/AIDS means that people will be less likely to stop engaging in promiscuous sexual activity.

This has been the experience, reported by the UN, of the Phillipines and Thailand. In the 1980s and 1990s, the two countries had very similar rates of HIV/AIDS infection. In Thailand the government went all out to promote condom use, while in the Phillipines, a program promoting abstinence was introduced. Result? According to the UN's own figures, in 2008, 650,000 people were estimated to be HIV positive in Thailand, while less than 1000 people in the Phillipines were infected.

How utterly thick does one have to be to miss the obvious connection here?

There is also the hoary old chestnut that the Holy Father, by opposing the use of condoms, has been the direct cause of thousands of deaths due to HIV/AIDS.

I fail to understand why people who ignore the teaching of the Catholic Church on chastity and continence will actually balk at ignoring the Church's teaching on the use of condoms... "Yes, well, I'm not worried about contracting an STD through casual sex, and I'm not worried about endangering my immortal soul by committing a mortal sin... but I'd better make sure I don't use a condom, because that's a really bad thing..."

The Holy Father is merely restating the truth... truth which was first rejected as unpalatable in 1968 when, in Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul VI stated that use of contraceptives would lead to increased sexual activity outside marriage.

Our beloved Holy Father really needs our prayers at this time.


bobd said...

Actually, Mac, the Holy Father is in "good hands." It's the world that needs our prayers.

Athanasius said...

Agree completely,and join you in prayers for His Holiness. Just made a similar point on my own blog:

Jay3GSM said...

He gets my support, too. I love our Pope, he is fantastic. Blow the lot of them, stick to the Truth. It's all that matters.

PaddySheridan1 said...

Contraception is an open attack on the Family, one of the worst if you think about it. Nothing makes me angrier than a self-styled ''Catholic'' who thinks that they know more of the mind of God than the Church in this matter. The Holy Father has my unreserved support in this matter, and my prayers.

Paul said...

Yes. On all counts.

George said...

bobd - great comment!

Indeed it is the world that needs our prayers.

God Bless our fearless Pope!

Delia said...

Anyone any idea where one can buy a (tasteful) Viva il papa! car sticker? Time to nail one's colours to the mast (or aerial!), I think.

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