Monday, 26 January 2009

Prayers Answered...

It can be a little difficult to be positive at the moment. Barack Obama's administration is doing its level best to get all the pro-life legislation in America overturned, and is pursuing an aggressively pro-abortion, anti-life agenda. 

Here, in the UK, things aren't any better: we have laws allowing the creation of human-animal hybrid embryos, and embryos for research, and so on, while the numbers of abortions go up and up, and the push, in schools, for more and more teaching on contraception is relentless. Elderly people are being urged to consider themselves a burden on society, helping society out by doing the "decent thing" and killing themselves (or allowing others to do it for them.)

It's easy to get dispirited, and to forget that, as well as writing to MPs, fund-raising, and going on protest marches, we can pray. We forget that prayer is necessary, if our work against the forces of evil which have been unleashed in our world is to succeed. And we forget that Jesus promised us that the devil could be overcome by prayer.

So it's nice to get the occasional reminder: after the fanfare surrounding the first two applications for licences for human-animal hybrid embryo research, it seems that, despite getting the licences, the projects failed to get the funding.

Not a total victory over the powers of darkness, more a tiny chink of light, but we should take heart, stay awake, and keep praying.


Athanasius said...

Thank you for this, Mulier Fortis!

A chink of light indeed - the darkness cannot escape the light!

As you say, we often forget the power of prayer: as Tennyson put it, "more things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of."

I'm often surprised when I suddenly realise that a prayer has been answered... I shouldn't be of course, but it's easy to lose confidence since we want the answers to come in the form we imagine best.

Elizabeth said...

"Our Lady comes to Fatima and tells us, not just once but six times, that we must say the rosary every day, do we disregard that warning? If we do, we have only ourselves to blame when we find that our children have lapsed from the faith" Fr Thwaite

So pray, pray, pray.

torchofthefaith said...

Well said!

We've just been reading the hugely encouraging part of the Catechism where the words of the Creed regarding the Father Almighty are being discussed.

It reminds us that whatever happens God's ultimate plan wins in the end!

Then we read your post on prayer. Yes, it's the main answer and thanks for reminding us all to pray.

God Bless
Alan and Angeline

PJA said...

You have a well-deserved award waiting here.

SQUELLY said...

Hi! Just found you through Ponte Sisto and wanted to say what an uplifting post post this is-just what I needed in my day! I am all for little chinks of light. Also, nice to see another blogging, Catholic teacher quite a specific category.

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