Tuesday, 2 September 2008

One Day I'll Learn...

...to check my blog before doing anything!

The communal areas in my block of flats have been painted, and my front door was done today... this meant that I was unable to go out all afternoon (my flat is on the ground floor, and the door had to be open while it dried) and having my front door open meant that I was subjected to lots of paint fumes. By this evening, I needed to go out to eat something which wouldn't smell like Dulux.

I thought I'd try a local Indian restaurant again... I remembered that they sometimes had live entertainment, but I was pretty sure that the belly dancer had been a weekend fixture, and vaguely recalled a pianist featuring on one evening.

Alas, I discovered that it was the night for the belly dancer. I found the performance even more objectionable than last time, as the dancing was rather suggestive in nature and there were several young lads present for a birthday party.

Checking my blog, I discovered that the last visit had also been a Tuesday night. I shall have to find an alternative venue for when I fancy a meal out alone.

1 comment:

Rob said...

Next time you need to hop out there and show them how its REALLY done. I'm sure you are much better.

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