Sunday, 20 July 2008

What's The Opposite Of A Wreckovation?

Renovation? Restoration?

Whatever. It's been going on at Fr. John Boyle's parish. He has even put up a video for us to admire. And admire you should... he has put in altar rails!

I think it's great that he has decided to implement the parish's policy with regard to the disability discrimination legislation now in force... Sounds crazy? Well, think about it. People are free, in theory, to kneel for Communion or to stand. However, if there are no altar rails, then anyone of slightly impaired mobility no longer has a choice - getting down on one's knees without support (and getting back up again) is fraught with difficulties, and so, only the able-bodied get to choose.

If altar rails are in place, then people who feel that they really don't want to kneel can just stand. It doesn't take their choice away...

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gemoftheocean said...

Yeah, and he also now has extended the sanctuary so he can swing a thurible without having to do it in an awkward manner.


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