Saturday, 21 June 2008

Which Bit Of "Contraception Doesn't Work" Do They Not Understand?

Surprise, surprise... the number of abortions is higher than ever. And the number of under-16s having abortions is higher than ever too.

So what is the response of the British government? Hmmmn. Let's see...

Health Minister Dawn Primarolo said, "Contraception plays a vital role in preventing teenage pregnancy and earlier this year I announced a further investment of £26.8m to improve women's access to contraception and help reduce the number of abortions, repeat abortions and teenage pregnancies."

Actually, no. The wide availability of contraception, especially to under-age school children, encourages the idea that one can have sex without any consequences, because it's "safe" sex. The fact that, according to groups who work with women in crisis pregnancies (such as the Sisters of the Gospel of Life, SPUC and the Good Counsel Network), the majority of women and girls they see were using one or more forms of contraception when they became pregnant is somehow overlooked in the official statistics.

Government advisers called for high quality sex education at school and investment in contraception services for young people.

Gill Frances, chair of the Teenage Pregnancy Independent Advisory Group, said: "We know what works to reduce abortion amongst teenagers.

"We need high quality sex and relationships education at school and at home and effective contraception."

Actually, again, no. They obviously don't know what works, because abortions among teenagers is rising. Rising means "going up," and they have had Sex Education at school since I was at school... after more than 25 years of teaching teenagers about the mechanics of sex and how to prevent conception, you think that, if it was going to prove effective, it would have done so by now.

Julie Bentley, chief executive at the FPA (Family Planning Association) said sex and relationship education should be compulsory in every school.

"Younger women are making different choices about their lives and choosing abortion over motherhood, but education and contraceptive services will stop them becoming pregnant in the first place."

Actually, yet again, no. (Getting repetitive, this!) Sex Education is already taught in every Secondary School. It is not "compulsory" in that parents can withdraw their children from these lessons... but in actual fact, very few parents do so... and their children aren't generally the ones to get pregnant. Contraceptive services are pushed left, right and centre. You can't read a magazine or newspaper, or visit a public toilet without some form of contraception being brought to your attention. And if you miss the talks from the school nurse, you can bet your bottom dollar that the careers service (those wonderful people from Connexions) will make sure that you don't remain in ignorance (or innocence) for very long.

So, how many times does a government advisor have to put two and two together and get four before they can bring themselves to accept that four is actually the correct answer?

All quotes taken from BBC News. Twitch of the mantilla to the Hound of Heaven. And I hope his hair grows back faster than mine!


deb said...

For some reason logic seems rare among government officials. I don't know why.

Paulinus said...

Yes, that's right. The graph moves in the wrong direction so Comrade Dawn will instigate a new Five Year Plan of sex education by our valiant Stakhanovite Sex Education Workers. Until the next set of abortion figures come out, then.... errrr....All hail, Comrade Brown!

Soutenus said...

Excellent post!
America soon to follow, I deeply fear.

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