Monday, 11 February 2008

The Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

Today is one of my favourite feast days. Yes, I know that technically it can only be observed as a commemoration, as we're in Lent, but it's still a big day for me.

I love Lourdes. It is the most spiritually uplifting place. I love the way that the sick and disabled get priority... and heaven help you if you block a wheelchair lane. I love it that all the shops around town are selling statues and rosaries and medals... but no-one minds that you've bought stuff from the shop next door. I love the processions.

But most especially, I love the fact that Lourdes is one in the eye for our secular society. Evidence for the existence of God? Well, are sixty-six fully attested miracles enough for you?


Anonymous said...

I would love to visit Lourdes one day. Częstochowa too. In fact...any place of pilgrimage!

Anonymous said...

Mac!! Have you been to visit the Grotto in Lourdes today? Why not go now:

click: webcam at the Grotte

My parents have just come from there!!! :c). Happy Feast Day!

Anonymous said...

We had Mass to commemorate today's feast in our Cathedral with out Bishop as chief celebrant.

What really touched me was how many fog braved a foggy night to attend, and more so, 2 of our pilgrimage team (non-RC's) who could sing "Immaculate Mary" word / verse perfect without a glance at the Hymn book!

I'm gonna miss not being there this year.


Anonymous said...

Great to read your post,i too have been greatly devoted to OL of Lourdes right from childhood.

Could you tell me where i can find online the mass text for the fest of OL of Lourdes


Thought and Action said...

Lourdes. A wonderful place of pilgrimage. I would encourage you to go Mark. I went in 1999 and 2000.
God Bless.

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