Saturday, 22 August 2015

Happy Memories...

About a month ago, the Day With Mary team visited Margate. As my previous posts probably indicated (HERE and HERE) I love the Days With Mary - a full-on, no-nonsense, Marian pilgrimage fitted into the space of a few hours. A devotional whirlwind which picks you up, gives you a shake and leaves you enthused and encouraged in your spiritual life.

Mere words can't convey the experience very well - I make it sound as if it is all a complete rush, but it really isn't. The atmosphere of prayer and calm is amazing... but it's energising and uplifting, and exciting at the same time as well.

A picture speaks a thousand words - and you can see lots of photos here. However, a video clip trumps a picture every time...

One of the talks given by Fr. Finigan can also be seen:

And here is a link to a video of his sermon. On all the videos, the singing of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate is hauntingly beautiful.

Twitch of the mantilla to Fr. Tim.


David O'Neill said...

Wonderful to see such a public display of devotion & in such beautiful weather

Lady Catcliffe said...

The account of the Day with Mary is very moving. I wish that something analogous was done Where I live in the

States. I am also glad that these days are repeated frequently during the year.

When you next attend one of these events, please keep my family's intentions in your prayers. My husband, Lord

Catcliffe, died of cancer as the Feast of the Assumption was drawing to a close. I am now a widow caring for our

12-year-old son, who will soon start the US equivalent of Year 8.

Lord Catcliffe had many graces at the end, including Extreme Unction, the Apostolic Pardon, and Holy Viaticum two

days before he died; fellow parishioners prompted to pray for him at the hour of his death; and a Solemn High

Requiem featuring music of Victoria and Byrd. A profound peace filled the room where he died the next morning.

Nevertheless, prayers for the repose of his soul are always appropriate; he would be flattered that bretheren from

England would pray for him. He loved your country, visiting thrice in his lifetime. Railways and World War II

historic sites were favorites. We had also made pilgrimages to Walsingham and to the shrine of St. Margaret

Clitherow in York together.

The Squire and I request your prayers. He misses his father terribly. Despite years of advance warning from the

time of Lord Catcliffe's cancer diagnosis, I still can't believe this whole horrible thing happened. I miss Lord

Catcliffe terribly also; widowhood has been the most painful experience of my life, and I am only beginning to

grieve. Please pray that this whole situation will serve to strengthen my son's and my faith. Please pray also

for all the practical matters pertaining to our new family situation.

(And, by the way, only at Catcliffe, I had to attend to another burial on the day of Lord Catcliffe's funeral; Mrs.

Cat had left a mouse in the driveway . . . )

Mulier Fortis said...

So sorry for your loss. I won't be at another DWM for at least a year, but will pray for Lord Catcliffe as well as for you and the Squire at Mass tomorrow!

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