Thursday, 30 July 2015

Supreme Catisfaction...!

I am feeling deliriously happy this evening. I have been an awesome kitty-whisperer and good Samaritan all at the same time!

Two weeks ago, my upstairs neighbours lost their cat. She was less than a year old, and had never been outside, though she had a habit of walking from the bedroom window over the roof tiles to the balcony. Unfortunately, one evening, she appeared to slip on wet tiles... only her absence wasn't immediately noticed.

Time passed, and I noticed that Kiara hadn't been found - and a cat basket with a towel, and a pair of her owner's shoes were left in the front garden, just in case she came back needing shelter. It really was a heartbreaking sight.

Anyway, this evening I was curled up in bed, settling down to peruse my Twitter feed, when a movement outside my bedroom back door caught my eye. There, looking in, was a black and white cat. I cautiously approached the door, but the cat ran away. I opened it, and sat down making encouraging noises, and, to my delight, the cat ventured closer.

Unfortunately, Miaowrini then spotted the new arrival, and made her displeasure clear, and the other cat ran away again. I managed to get Miaowrini out of the bedroom, and prevented Furretti from trying to come in, and promptly shut the door. I then sat by the back door and made a few more encouraging noises.

It took five minutes before she got near enough for me to stroke her cheek... but cats love to be scratched just under the jaw there, and as she pushed against my hand I was able to grasp the scruff of her neck and then shut the door so she couldn't escape. I then bundled her into a cat carrier and rang my neighbours to let them know I had found a cat.

The reunion nearly reduced me to tears...

Miaowrini and Furretti are less happy - they saw the interloper arrive, but haven't quite figured out that she's been taken back out, and are busy scouring the flat in an attempt to repel boarders. I am definitely in the dog house for daring to befriend another feline. Never mind - it'll all be forgiven once I crack open the tinned tuna...


Zephyrinus said...

Heartwarming story, Mac. Well done.

The whole World awaits the sequel. Will your
two urchins seek revenge against the young upstart,
for instance ?

Reference the tinned tuna, I recently ordered a box
of tinned Cornish Pilchards (ideal for breakfast).
They've just arrived from Amazon.

All FOURTEEN tins !!!

Do your two like Cornish Pilchards ?

Mulier Fortis said...

No idea if they like pilchards, Cornish or otherwise... and I am reluctant to introduce the two to such gastronomic delights in case they totally reject cat food as a result...

Hope your two hooligans are in fine fettle...

Annie Elizabeth said...

Hooray! If anybody in Thanet was going to be able to find that kitten it would be you: cat-magnet woman :-)

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