Saturday, 29 November 2014

And Another Month Bites The Dust...

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Despite my best intentions, I find that it's been almost a whole month since I last updated my blog. The same old excuse: quite simply, a lack of time. I've been getting to grips with a new teaching position since September, and, of late, my commute seems to take approximately three hours a day. Leaving the house at 5:45am and arriving home at about 7pm (with more work still to complete) means I have little energy for even reading the blogs, let alone updating my own.

Nevertheless, I have managed to get to Maiden Lane a couple of times this month, which has been a real treat. Not being able to attend Mass in the usus antiquior as a matter of routine every weekend as I did before the changes at Blackfen has been a sore trial, and it has brought home to me the paucity of experience provided by the Novus Ordo, even when it is celebrated with reverence.

(I am in no way suggesting that the Novus Ordo is invalid.)

I shall blog further on this topic when I have a little more time to think things through... in the meantime, there are some rather good photos of the Missa Canata at Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane last Monday evening. And yes, you're not imagining things... the stand-alone altar has been removed from the middle of the Sanctuary (hence the bare patch in the middle of the carpet!)


~Katherine~ said...

Good to "see" you, Mac. :) Sorry to hear about the commute; I had one like it at one time, and it was awful. Peace to you and the kitties during this Advent time!

gemoftheocean said...

When you break for Christmas, be aware there is sometimes a catch-as-catch can EF Mass at Brompton Oratory at 5:30 in St. Wilfred's chapel on the weekdays. They don't always have it, which is why it isn't advertised. A priest who lives in the area (a non-Oratorian) comes to say it. M-F And if one isn't "on" there's always the 6 NO Mass, but said in Latin. only the readings are in English. M-F weekdays at 8 they have an EF in St. Joseph's chapel (which is scheduled) it's at 12:15 on a Sat.

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