Thursday, 23 October 2014

Over 8 Million Killed...

It's a ghastly statistic. Over 8 million babies killed in the 47 years since the Abortion Act was given Royal Assent... and that's just in Great Britain. Last year in England & Wales, we averaged 550 deaths a day.

The numbers are horrific, but they are difficult to grasp, and so we can ignore them. It helps to provide concrete examples. I teach Science in Secondary School (11-18yrs). In London, these schools generally have about 1000 students. So that works out as killing a school's worth of children every two days...

This was not what was envisaged when the parliament passed the Abortion Act 47 years ago.

There were supposed to be safeguards. The mother's health was supposed to be at risk before the awful step of ending a life could be contemplated. The signatures of two independent medical practitioners were required.

But now, an abortion is seen as a woman's right, and in some cases almost a duty.

The parallels with the drive towards legalising euthanasia and assisted suicide are striking. All the assurances of safeguards ring very hollow in the face of Britain's abortion statistics.

SPUC is inviting people to hold a minute's silence on Monday 27 October at 11:04am - the time Royal Assent was given to the Abortion Act by Queen Elizabeth II.
"SPUC invites everyone to hold a minute’s silence in honour of the children who will never be born and who will never know what it is to be loved in this life. We also remember the mothers and fathers who have made this tragic mistake which has also damaged them. We honour as well all those mothers and fathers who have withstood enormous pressures and have given their babies the best chance of life by respecting their right to be born."
If you can, support SPUC in its work to defend the sanctity of human life with a donation here.

Twitch of the mantilla to Rhoslyn Thomas, SPUC's Youth Officer, for this initiative.

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