Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Parish Appeal...

Fr. Charles Briggs, the Parish Priest of St. Mary's, Chislehurst, frequently appears on the internet despite not having a blog of his own - particularly on mine, His Hermeneuticalness' and Fr. Michael Brown's blogs.

Fr. Briggs' church is famous for being the parish attended by the Emperor Napoleon III and the Empress Eugenie when they fled from France, and the Emperor was originally buried in the church before being given a mausoleum at Farnborough. Michael Davis, indefatigable defender of the TLM is buried in the churchyard. It is a beautiful church, but the parish is very small, and doesn't have much of an income.

When the church was redecorated in the 1980s, there wasn't enough money to include a proper confessional, and so they are attempting to raise the funds to put this right. This week's newsletter shows the design for the new confessional, and, although half of the cost has been raised through parish fundraising efforts, there is still another £3000 needed (approximately US $4930, €3607.)

If any of my readers would be willing to help, it would be greatly appreciated - and it would help so many in their experience of this wonderful Sacrament. There is a button for online donations (as well as the address for cheques) on the donations page of the parish website.

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