Monday, 15 July 2013

Good Counsel Network Sponsored Walk...

Back in May, I advertised the Good Counsel Network's annual sponsored walk from Wandsworth to Wapping, and suggested that people might like to go along, sponsor someone, pray... or all three.

I doubt very much that it was my influence, but one of my fellow parishioners, Antonia, is planning to do the 13 mile walk with some (or possibly all) of her family. She's hoping to raise £500, and so, if you can, please go over to her JustGiving page and make a donation.

The Good Counsel Network relies totally on your donations in order to offer practical help and support to women who might otherwise think they had no alternative but to have an abortion.

It is all very well to be "pro-life" on paper, but we have to be ready to back it up by our actions. If you can't support the cause financially, then do remember to pray!

1 comment:

Zephyrinus said...

Excellent Post, Mac, on this
most worthy cause.

Well done, Antonia and Paul, for getting ready
to do the walk.

Delighted to have made a small donation
to your cause on the JUSTGIVING Web-Site.

God Bless The Little Ones.

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