Sunday, 14 April 2013

More Thoughts On Gosnell...

The case of Dr. Kermit Gosnell is truly horrific. The silence of the mainstream media is disgraceful. However, the attempt at a media blackout has been thwarted because the mainstream media is no longer able to decide what constitutes news.

People react strongly if they feel something is being covered up. There were a lot of calls for the mainstream media to report on the trial and what the charges are. Twitter reached around 23,000 tweets per hour on Friday on the Gosnell case, and that can't have gone unnoticed. So the continuing silence is rather spectacular.

I would just like to reassure my readers that none of the links in this post have any distressing images (unlike the ones I warned about in yesterday's post.)

Several blogs have reported the case in full. Ben Trovato, Mark Lambert and Joe Shaw were able to get the message out from the UK, and bloggers at The Telegraph have now picked up on this, with Damian Thompson and Tim Stanley both writing excellent pieces. It is still not front page news, and this is something I find pretty amazing, even though I know it is something the overwhelmingly pro-choice mainstream media would like to ignore.

Google now has several entries for Kermit Gosnell (it didn't have on Friday!) and the Wikipedia page on Dr. Gosnell has changed from "is under consideration for deletetion" to "was under consideration" so I suppose that is some sort of progress.

Yesterday, I felt sure that the mainstream media would have to bow to public pressure and report on the case of Kermit Gosnell killing babies after they had survived abortion. After all, despite its awful record on human rights and its draconian one-child policy involving forced partial-birth abortions, even the Chinese government allows a child to live once it has been born.

However, Ben Trovato (the Countercultural Father) has given the media silence some considerable thought, and concluded that the media is marshalling its arguments so as to place a pro-abortion spin upon them. His post is really outstanding in its analysis, and I think that we need to heed his warning and prepare for the onslaught.


~Katherine~ said...

Perhaps I am more cynical than you are, Mac; I simply don't find it surprising in the least that the MSM isn't covering this at all. I suspect that it comes from having spent a fair amount of time praying in front of a local abortion mill whose conditions were known to be beyond-the-pale horrific, and whose proprietor used to hang racist and satanic symbols in the mills' windows, as well as dress in a devil costume to taunt the pro-lifers. One couldn't make this stuff up, and it went on for decades. Eventually, the health department finally raided the place, and shut it down due to, among other things, a total lack of functional autoclaves and the staff's peculiar and as-yet-unexplained habit of storing street shoes in boxes of supposedly sterile gloves. Thank God it was shut down, but that happened years too late for many of the women who were injured there.

Methinks that Mr. Trovato is dead on in his analysis. I suppose I should pop some popcorn and sit back to watch the nonsense begin, but then I remember that there are many reasons that I do not watch network news, and that this kind of case is pretty high on that list.

gemoftheocean said...

Glad you caught the twitter campaign and have publicized. There is also a SECOND abortion clinic horror story (well, to my mind they are all horror stories) but this is one the press is also covering up. I think they know damn good and well this stuff is happening. They're not even really "deciding" what is news. They are deliberately selecting the news so as to shield one of their pets.

Here is the link for another it-is-not-happening-pay-no-attention-story

gemoftheocean said...

Katherine -- out of curiosity, where was that mill?

meaculpa said...

Mac I volunteers for Human Life International several years ago. Back then we had reports that babies who survived abortions in China were left in the medical "waste" trays or were killed by drowning. Those left in the trays were ignored until they died. Sorry I don't have a source for this info, but I do remember being horrified that such a thing could be happening.

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