Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Tuesday Tweeting...

The inimitable Fr. Z has suggested that all faithful Catholics who have Twitter accounts should coordinate their tweets to @Pontifex so that we get a trend going (and have a chance of the message actually getting through.)

So, the proposed tweet for Tuesday 1 Jan 2013 is simply @Pontifex Holy Father, I prayed for you today. Happy New Year of the Lord 2013!

Go for it, tweeps!


Unknown said...

A wonderful way to start the New Year!!

The Welkin said...

I have tweeted @Pontifex. When directions are clear, I can follow them. It all makes sense.

Zephyrinus said...


What a way to by-pass
the Apparatchiks (unless they control
the Twitter account, of course).

I'm sure His Holiness will get the messages.

in Domino.

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