Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Call To Arms...

The news of the letter (published in the Daily Telegraph) to Mr. David Cameron from 1000 Roman Catholic priests protesting against his foolish proposal to redefine marriage really encouraged me. The seriousness of such a redefinition has indeed acted as a wake-up call to many. It is abundantly clear that this proposal is a direct attack against religious freedom, and people are realising that we have to make a stand.

You can read some more responses by Damian Thompson, Fr. Ray Blake, Fr. Tim Finigan, John Smeaton and Protect the Pope. I'm sure that there have been others that I've missed, and there will be many more in the next few days.

Thank God for the many priests and bishops who have signed the letter. I'm sure that there are many more who would have signed if the timescale had not been so short. Have a look at the letter, and have a look here to see if your parish priest has signed. If he has, do be sure to thank him for his act of witness, and encourage him to continue to speak out. Remember, he may shortly find himself in prison for daring to state the truths of the Faith.


Matthew Roth said...

I just am amazed that Thompson officially noted that the Government is at war with the Church. It's scary, but honestly, it's about bloody time for the Government to show their true form, and for the Church to respond with the truth.

Genty said...

Great to see the Revs revving up. A wonderful example to us all.

Lisa Graas said...

This was very welcome news, indeed.

Catholic Coffee said...

I am very proud of our clergy for this.

Zephyrinus said...

See you in prison !!!

What a great Blessing that will be.
To take a stand for one's Catholic faith.

Now THAT is Active Participation !!!

Do you think that one will be allowed to wear a Crucifix
or a Cross (the Media don't know the difference) in Prison ?

Or will it be against Elf 'n' Safety and/or liable
to upset non-Catholic inmates ?

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