Thursday, 15 November 2012

Wonderful News...!

I am completely bowled over! Due to the generosity of one of my readers, I have been able to get a new computer!

I opted for an Acer laptop, as I thought it would be more versatile. I bought it this evening but couldn't play with it immediately as Rosary & Benediction was on this evening... and I wanted to say a prayer or two in thanksgiving. I am still getting to grips with Windows 8 (grrrr) but need to get to bed, as I have school in the morning.

So, blogging will resume very shortly. Watch this space!


Annie Elizabeth said...

Hooray! Deo gratias!

Catholic Coffee said...

The Lord provides, and not only for the ravens and lilies; and He can not be outdone in generosity. I have been reading your blog with interest and I am happy to hear that you will be able to start blogging again!

Anonymous said...

Dat's great news, sister. I told you to expect a miracle :-)

Sitsio said...

Great news, divine providence or what?!

Genty said...

There's been a yawning gap in the blogosphere lately. Glad you're back.

Recusant said...

I think this provides a definitive answer as to whether or not you should be blogging!!

Jane said...

Fantastic news. An answer to the prayers of many I believe. Thanks be God, and to that reader for his or her generosity.

Supertradmum said...

glad and relieved for you

I am back in the blogging world as well

but, I need a place to live so pray for me please

Zephyrinus said...

Oh, Happy Days !!!

Well done your benefactor.

He didn't have six wings on his back, did he ?


What do the Kitties think of the new laptop machine ?

They can't lounge around at the top of the new laptop,
as they did with your previous Desktop Computer.

Will they sulk ?

Matthaeus said...

Welcome back.

It's good to see examples of practical Christian Charity in action like this.

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