Wednesday, 28 November 2012

More Advent Preparations...

I wrote a post about preparing for Advent. Less than a week to go now. This year I have the candles (purple, pink and white) all ready to go... though I have to admit that was because I didn't get around to using them last year!

The actual greenery will have to wait until the weekend.

Anyone who wants to do some spiritual preparation could benefit from reading the words of the Abbé Gueranger, so kindly reproduced by Zephyrinus. Part One is up already. Part Two will follow in due course...

1 comment:

Zephyrinus said...

Ah, that explains it !!!

I've spent two hours trying to work out
why my readership figures have suddenly
spiked into the Stratosphere (just above the Blogosphere).

Now, I see you very kindly gave me a mention, Mac.

I am obliged.

Part Two is now up.

in Domino.

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