Saturday, 20 October 2012

LMS Pilgrimage To Aylesford

2012-10-13 14.32.55Last Saturday saw the annual Latin Mass Society pilgrimage to Aylesford. Joseph Shaw, the LMS Chairman, was there with his snazzy camera - the camera which was so snazzy it meant that he had to buy a new computer to cope with it - and he has written a brief report of the events, and included some rather snazzy photos.

Unfortunately, I think his snazzy camera is too snazzy for my computer. I've tried to load his blog four times, and my computer crashed each time - it seemed to get stuck trying to load the pictures. As a result, I can't put in a direct link. You'll find his blog on the sidebar blogroll, under British Bloggers. If you're wondering how I was able to tell that Joe had written a report including snazzy photos given that I can't access his blog, well, actually I use Google Reader to check my favourite blogs. I only visit real blogs when I want to comment, read comments or link to posts on my blog.

Dylan, the Reluctant Sinner, made a very brief report on the day as well. His blog doesn't cause my computer to crash, so I can happily direct you to the relevant post. Unfortunately he doesn't have snazzy pictures, but perhaps, in view of the age of my computer, that is just as well!

2012-10-13 15.41.29

Fr. Tim Finigan was the celebrant and preacher at the Missa Cantata, and he also gave the talk during the afternoon. He has a much fuller report of the day, which was excellent. His blog also doesn't pose any problems for my computer...

I took some more photos which you can see on the Flickr set page.

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