Sunday, 6 May 2012


Why is it that I never write things down when I think of them, but rely on my increasingly unreliable memory? I had several ideas about which I intended to blog today, and now I can't remember any of them...


john-of-hayling said...

no news is good news?
Surely there must be kitty post that you could fill in with? latest kill totals?

Zephyrinus said...

A notebook, permanently carried in
ones pocket/handbag, etc,
is the answer.

Plus two pens (in case one stops working)
AND a pencil (sharpened at both ends,
in case the lead breaks at one end).

AND, in case you have to suddenly jot down
the registration number of a vehicle (leaving the scene
of a crime) OR you have to suddenly sketch the visage
of a possible criminal suspect, you are adequately tooled-up.

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