Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Card-Carrying Catholics...?

Rosary Sunday_0055"If I were to be arrested tomorrow, and charged with being a Catholic, would they find enough evidence to convict me?"

I can't remember where that quote comes from - it's paraphrased a bit - but it has always struck a chord.  It seems that the Bishops of England & Wales have been thinking similar thoughts, because they have come up with the idea that Catholics should actually carry a card which states clearly that they are Catholics, and which explains what being Catholic actually entails.

In the same way as cards already produced by other groups such as the Association of Catholic Women, it asks for a Catholic priest to be contacted in an emergency. In the current climate, I'd have thought a statement about not stopping food and fluids under the guise of "stopping unduly burdensome medical treatment" might also be rather necessary!

I like the idea of carrying some form of indication of my Catholic identity... but I did think that my rosary was a pretty clear statement...


leutgeb said...

I carry an ACW card and after requesting a Roman Catholic Priest it says,

'I would like my nursing care to include fluids - however administered.'

Anonymous said...

I remember from a good few years ago that you could get a small ID pendent - about the size of a small dog tag or a large medal with "I am a Catholic, in case of emergency call a priest" on it. I haven't seen one in years.

I suppose a card in my wallet wouldn't be a bad idea if I ever get another motorcycle.

Thanks for posting this - it has made me think.

Laura Cameron said...

You can buy a cross on a chain with the message, "I am a Catholic. Please call a priest" on the reverse. I have a pewter one, but sterling is available. Buy from, among others.

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