Saturday, 23 July 2011


For all those people who are wondering what Google+ actually is, and what makes it different to Facebook...

Twitch of the mantilla to the Idle Rambler, who actually posted this on Twitter (now that will really have confused some of you...)

BTW, you can find me on Google+ here, if you're interested...


Idle Rambler said...

Great little video, isn't it?

I'm slowly getting the hang of Google+. I think it's a bit like Twitter, in that you need to have a few people in your 'circles' before you can see how it works.

If anyone wants to know what 'circles' are in this context, I suggest you sign up too. :-)

Zephyrinus said...

Dear Idle Rambler.

I obviously move in the wrong circles.

Sometimes I just go round and round in them.

To no avail.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Is it easy to use?

I find Facebook a little confusing. I press a button and I'm on someone else's site and it takes me ages to return where I was.

God bless.

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