Sunday, 24 October 2010

Watching The Keys Of The Kingdom...

This lunchtime we were privileged to see a screening of Keys of the Kingdom, produced by Christian Holden. We had a screening of a previous DVD in the parish, Arise Once More, about the history of Catholicism in Britain. The new film concentrates on the Papacy, answering some common objections to its existence.

It was an excellent film, marred only by some beautiful weather - the Small Hall doesn't have blackout screens! However, the images used were beautiful, and the music for the soundtrack was especially stirring. I put up the trailer before, but it's brilliant, so you can see it again!

I particularly enjoyed a comment from one of the contributors, Stephen Ray - he commented on the Catholic Church having the fullness of Truth - "Trust me," he said, "I've tried the others..."!

Chatting to Christian Holden afterwards, I found out that there is a new film on the cards - albeit only in the planning stages at the moment - this time on Our Lady. Christian said that it was one he's been planning for a long time, but, of course, now it's on the blogosphere, it's official!

St. Anthony Communications has lots of DVDs, CDs and books, on the teachings of the Church, but also one or two other titles - I see that Master & Commander has made it onto their catalogue - so, with Christmas approaching, you might want to explore their site in search of stocking-fillers!

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Zephyrinus said...

Dear Mac. May I heartily recommend "Keys Of The Kingdom" to your readership ? Having recently viewed it, I can attest to its impressive camera work, music and historical coverage. I also agree with you, reference Christmas presents (I've purchased 3 x DVDs for family and friends).

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