Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Getting Along...

I'd forgotten how big Woldingham School is. It's set in really beautiful grounds, but, being on crutches this year means that I'm not in the best position to appreciate them. Walking between my room, the Auditorium, the Chapel and the Dining Rooms is proving to be harder work than I anticipated. However, I am not complaining: the congenial company, excellent talks, and marvellous facilities more than compensate... The exercise may even go a little way towards helping me become less... errr... large. Then again, given the very nice food, perhaps not...! People have also been really kind to me, carrying trays, opening doors, and bringing me cups of tea... and something a little stronger in the evenings.

Faith has held its Summer Session here at Woldingham School for many years, and, as I have also been involved in the past as a helper on both the Faith Summer Break and the Southwark Diocese's Altar-Servers Break (also held at Woldingham), I've gotten to some of the staff quite well. They are really lovely people, always cheerful and very keen to help us in any way they can.

Now, if only the British Summer would start (sorry, I mean stop... we've had torrential rain and thunder and lightning this afternoon!) things would be perfect.

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