Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Short Cycling Update...

... or rather, I should say, a cycling shorts update!

Sorry - couldn't resist. Anyway, my friends are getting close to their departure date (Monday 5th July, if you're interested) and have been getting themselves kitted out.

Mary's Meals sent them the t-shirts. They have even prepared a Press Release (helped by a journalist friend) though I haven't actually seen it yet. Their donations page shows that they've reached just under half of their target sponsorship amount, so, once again, if you possibly can help them, please do - the charities they have picked (Mary's Meals and the Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative) are definitely deserving causes, and ALL the money raised will go to them.

In any case, pop over to their blog, Via Romea, as they have just discovered the joys of SiteMeter, and their stats need a wee bit of encouragement... and tell them I sent you.

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