Friday, 15 May 2009

An Apology From The Suppository... (No, Not For THAT Article...)

Damian Thompson reports that The Suppository has found itself having to print an apology.

They printed a letter which reported a service, supposedly celebrated by euphemistic monsters, in which unconsecrated hosts, after Eucharistic Prayer II had been recited over them, were consumed as "Holy Communion."

No explanation of the reason for publishing this letter was given. Fr. Ray Blake speculated that it might be a snide attack on Bishop O'Donoghue, or a way of promoting the idea that the sacramental priesthood is not necessary any more!

Comments in Fr. Ray's com-box quickly brought certain discrepancies to light - so it would seem that the Blogosphere does have its uses, not to mention being a pretty quick way to check for accuracy in any reports. Within five days of the post going up on Fr. Ray's blog, the letter had been de-bunked.

The apology is grudging in the extreme:

"We published the letter in good faith, but it has since emerged after lengthy enquiries that the address in Grasmere, Cumbria, given on the letter does not exist, which causes us to be concerned that the letter might not have been genuine."

Might not have been genuine??? And lengthy enquiries?? A simple phone call to the parish priest concerned (or even a visit... Cumbria's not that far away!) would surely have revealed the obvious? Elena Curti was quick enough to visit Blackfen to try and dig up some dirt for her nasty hatchet-job.

I have to say that the thing which had me crying with laughter, literally doubled over, was a comment on Damian's post from an individual called "Crouchback":

"Why don't they apologize for the shiny front cover, which is no use in the dunny, believe me I've tried..."


gemoftheocean said...

Well! This is good news.

Ches said...

Yes, but the rest of it soooo absorbent!

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