Sunday, 1 June 2008

The "Down" Side Of Travel

I'm delighted to see that my use of Blogger's scheduling service seems to have worked... I've got a post up for each day. Of course, these posts were explaining what I'd planned to do each day... the reality proved a little different in some cases.

I am now absolutely shattered. I have checked my emails and even gone as far as answering a few. I've updated my situation on the Ikariam game... no mean feat when one has three colonies to govern! I've checked a few friend requests and posts on Facebook. And I've moderated my blog comments.

I ought to go through my favourite blogs and find out what I've missed over the past six days... but I'm just too tired. In addition, I have to finish praying my Office, I need to unpack, and I need to sort out what I'm teaching tomorrow morning... and to whom. Sylvester is all over me like a rash... and I feel I need to make a little bit of a fuss of him (especially as I shall be out at work all day tomorrow.)

Finally, I need to sleep. I was up at 2am (Lourdes time - it would have been 1am in the UK) after finally getting to sleep at about midnight. The coach left for Toulouse at 3am. I think I dozed off for half an hour. The plane left for Gatwick at 6:45am... I dozed off for another half hour. It is now 7:30pm, London time. This means it is 8:30pm in Lourdes. I suspect I "fell asleep" for a couple of minutes during lunch, but I think I got away with it... (uh-oh!) And now I'm really, really tired...

I guess I'll leave the blogging until tomorrow!

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