Monday, 10 March 2008

Oh, It Must Be Easter Again...

...How do I know this? Well, surprising though it may seem (not), the BBC is planning to screen a new drama, in Holy Week, about the last week of Jesus' life, in which Judas Iscariot, Caiaphas and Pontius Pilate are portrayed in a favourable light... As the Telegraph Online reports,

'Nigel Stafford-Clark, who produced the BBC1 series, said he wanted to put the characters' actions in context, "so you can see it from their point of view and realise that what they did felt legitimate." In an interview with the Radio Times, Mr Stafford-Clark said:"By such accounts as there are from the time, Caiaphas was reckoned to be a fair man and a good high priest. [He was] a man doing a very difficult job and doing it well." '

Another priceless quote from a spokesman at the Beeb, (an organisation which, as we know, is totally impartial towards Christian groups in general and Catholic ones in particular), had me rolling in the aisles...

"We are not seeking to subvert or rewrite the Gospel narrative – we are just retelling it to bring it alive for a contemporary audience."

Right... a traitor who betrays his friend and mentor for thirty pieces of silver, a priest who frames an innocent man on Blasphemy charges, and a corrupt politician who knowingly condemns an innocent man to death are the good guys in this non-subversive rewrite retelling.

How very contemporary.


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

If it weren't so predictable, it would be funny.

But nowadays, it's just trite.

I've noticed often that people who adhere to the BBC/Guardian version of Christianity are invariably shocked to find that we know the entire creed by heart. I stopped an entire line of conversation once with some non-Christian friends once just by reciting the articles of the secularist creed in alphabetical order.

They were stunned that I knew every bit of it so well. I once had a chance to do some role play in an educational setting in which I improvised the part of a typical Toronto grey pony-tailed, latte-sipping marxist arguing against the Church's teachings. The usual suspects: women's ordination, contraception...yawn.

It was so old hat to me I could do it, complete with the weird accent these people all seem to have, as a party trick. But the audience/students were shocked. I had, without a flicker of hesitation, made every single one of the points they had prepared in their carefully constructed arguments against the Church. I demolished them one by one. Like eating Hob-nobs, you can't stop until the whole package is nothing but crumbs.

If only they knew how dull they are.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

ever listen to Flanders and Swan?

"Tre tre very contemporary"

Oliver Hayes said...

Well, what else do you expect from the Beelzebubb Broadcasting Corporation?

George said...

I trust everyone in the UK realises that we actually pay these morons to blaspheme regularly and consistantly against Jesus and our Glorious Faith.

Anyone care to join me in burning the next license fee reminder outside Broadcasting House?

Personally I am sick of the BBC, their mediocre programmes, the constant string of repeats, poor and biased news reporting etc... I don't want to watch their rubbish and yet whether I do watch the BBC or not I STILL HAVE TO PAY THEIR EXHORBITANT OUTDATED RUDDY LICENSE FEE YEAR AFTER YEAR. Somebody tell me - why?

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

hey George,

here's a suggestion.

Why don't you take a hammer to the TV, then mail the bits to the TV licensing office.

Or just get rid of it.

Saves a lot of headaches and then you get the pleasure of sending the licensing office nasty letters about how much you are glad not to be participating in the BBC's destruction of British society.

I find it a very amusing hobby.

newhousenewjob said...

The thing that made me laugh, though, was the article in last Saturday's Times, which described the preparations for the Crucifixion scene, and then said filming had to be suspended because the sky suddenly darkened and huge black clouds blotted out the light...!!! So what were they waiting for - blue sky and fluffy clouds?

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