Tuesday, 23 October 2007

How To Really Mess Up Your Day...

I have no idea where this is. I am relieved to note that it must be somewhere on the other side of the pond (I spotted the Stars & Stripes) but I hope to goodness that we never get it happening here.

What the woman thinks she's doing with the scallop shell is anyone's guess...

Twitch of the mantilla to Gillibrand at Catholic Church Conservation.

UPDATE: A few people seem to have gotten the wrong end of the stick... the woman appears to be acting as some sort of "stealth priestess" here, as is shown in one or two of the other photos, which, to avoid further confusion, I will post below... I was hoping to avoid doing so, because I wanted to retain my dinner, but...


Anonymous said...

Urgh! I'm sure you won't take offence, but it elicits a response of "not women's job!" from me...just like I can't give birth.

BarbaRa said...

But, ehem, the way the photos are arranged on your blog, it looks as if Pope Benedict were greeting her ...

gemoftheocean said...

With all due respect to everyone here, I think Gilliland is trying to make mischief WHERE THERE SHOULD BE NONE. Somehow NO ONE SEEMS "upset" at the "faux male priest" ALSO pictured on gilliand's site. If one looks at the original article, one can CLEARLY see that there IS, in fact a priest shortage in Mississippi. For Our British readers let me point out that Missisippi isn't teeming with Catholics to begin with, never was. I suppose all the churches could just CLOSE THEIR DOORS rather than let "wymmin" do ANYTHING. The sidebar clearly reveals that the job pays PEANUTS. If all those men want to step up to the plate, they can do so....just realize that the median pay will be 20-25k...and "median" means HALF of them will receive less. Sure....go for it, take on all those administration tasks and support a big Catholic family on that too. DUH. Pay a job "wymmin's pay" and that's what you'll get -wymmin's work."

If you lived in rural Mississippi, would you rather have NOTHING or a Communion service at least available? Obviously a MASS is much the best option - but if you CAN'T have a Mass, or get couseling because no priest is available, are not some trained people preferable to NOTHING! The article is wrong about the laity preaching - but 10-1 a protestant wrote the article to begin with.

So all you Laddies bitching about "wymmin" should either step up to the plate or hush. and be willing to take "wymmin's pay" too. Better yet, give up wine, women (you can keep song) and become a priest yourself.

Anonymous said...

Ermmm... Karen. Some of us are thinking of that. ;-)

Ma Beck said...

Fine. No priest.
Is there not ONE MAN in that ENTIRE AREA who would volunteer to be an EMHC?
Women DO NOT need to play priest.
Men, step up!

A thousand times gag.

P.S. I grew up in the South. There may not be a parish every block like there is in Chicago, but there's almost always one within an hour's drive or so.
It's not the Yukon Territory.

gemoftheocean said...

and thank you Mark!!! Mississipi IS "yukon territory" I'm happy for any man OR woman who steps it up, as long as they get the right training to do the things ALL laity can do IF there is no priest about.

Yes, it's all "2nd best" and far from ideal - but sometimes there's just WORK TO BE DONE.

ignorant redneck said...

EEMs don't elevate the chalice. never have I seen EEMs vested in an Alb.

This is just one of the reasons I think our church here in the US is in a state of incipient schism, that will become de jure soon.

Ma Beck said...

P.S. Karen, you and your fellow San Diegans are in my prayers.
The news is terrifying. I hope you are well.

Ma Beck said...

Caution: Disjointed thoughts!

"40 of the 112" or whatever "Faith Communities" in the Diocese of Jackson lack a priest.
There are 112 parishes in this diocese. This is hardly no-mans land. Two of our religious brothers ARE from no-man's land, Saskatchewan, and their parents' only get a priest once a month, from EIGHT HUNDRED MILES away.
Driving a couple of hours hardly seems like much of a sacrifice when compared to that.
Am I the only person who would leave my church TOMORROW to start going to a church with a priest?
I mean --- I'm confused about what's going on there.
What's the point of having a parish without a priest??
(By the way, I love the bored look on the little girl's face in the front row as she extends her hand in some "blessing" posture with everyone else.)

They even have a nice Resurresifix, as my friend calls it.
GIRM? What GIRM? Go wash your hands!

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