Sunday, 13 May 2007

That Stuff About Selling Indulgences...

You've heard of Confession Online? All fine-and-dandy, but there is always the little problem of the temporal punishment which remains after absolution has been given. So, now you can put those Purgatory panics to one side - there is a website where you can arrange a Papal Indulgence, at the click of a mouse, and the passing over of some plastic!

Simply click the type of sin, who you sinned with (or against) and the price of eternal salvation will be speedily calculated... More information can be found HERE.

(I have to admit to doing a double-take on this one... it's very well done! I thought I'd better make it absolutely clear that I understand it's a joke... Earlier, Fr Tim suggested (very gently, so sweet that he didn't want to embarrass me!) that I might, possibly, have missed the point about Jeff's Swiss Guard item. In any case, a mantilla-twitch to David!)

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Ma Beck said...

I am not sure about the indulgences humor. (Before anyone writes that I need to get a sense of humor - wait!) ;)
The "selling indulgences" period was a dark, embarrassing time in the Church's history. It is STILL referred to by anti-Catholics on a frequent basis.
I would no more poke fun at that than I would the pedophile scandal, at least, not in this manner. (I have been known to ask protestant friends if they would like me to pick up some extra indulgences from the church bookstore for them, so it's not like I'm overly dramatic or serious minded about the matter.)
But I am fairly sure this is done by an anti-Catholic.
Read it - then put in a sin, then read the result. (Any sin will do.)
It seems very sarcastic and anti-Church to me.
Anyone else think maybe Jack Chick just got DSL?
(And you're right, Mac, it's incredibly well-done, and I hope if it's what I think it is, the Vatican sues the person for stealing their site art.)

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