Tuesday, 13 March 2007

New Toy

I finally lost my temper with my mobile phone provider... I am tired of having my phone reception go from five bars to zero, without so much as a twitch from me, in the middle of a call. I am also tired of handing my phone over for someone to borrow only to find that it is claiming to be able to make emergency calls only, and then having to switch the phone off and then on again (with the resulting need for PIN numbers and the wait for the phone book to initialise...)

I had been told that it was the model of phone I had. So I upgraded my phone. That wasn't the problem. Then I was told that it was the fault of my old SIM card. So I changed my SIM card. And, you guessed it... it wasn't the problem.

My brother-in-law recommended "3"... but I'm a fussy type... I went to the shop in Bluewater, and had a look at what was on offer. They had some pretty good tarrifs, but the phones available were rather grim. I was particularly keen on the camera facility, and wasn't prepared to settle for a lower specification than the one I had already.

After visiting a few more phone shops, I found myself a new toy. So now I'm going to go and play!


Mark said...


But, Mac, if it's not your old SIM card's fault (it's not--what it was was a firmware error on the old handset, which can be fixed by an upgrade by the manufacturer), then can you a) get a refund for your 'new' SIM card; and b) get your old number back? I think you should!

Mac McLernon said...

I didn't pay for a new SIM...

...or a new number!

...and last time, by threatening to leave, I got a snazzy new phone for free (but this was partly because I thought it might be the original handset which was at fault, so I stayed with my mobile company)

I have now moved... and have got a new snazzy new phone, and once the PAC code has been registered, I get to keep my old number too!!

Mark said...

oh;' okeydoke. I misunderstood.

It seems you're a pretty snazzy shopper; you would be useful on my shopping trips! ;-)

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