Saturday, 13 January 2007

Here We Go Again...

I saw the headline on the front page of the Daily Mail on my way back from Benediction, and then read about it online (H/T to Aaron at Indolent Server)

I was wondering at the beginning of Exposition, as Fr Tim asked us to pray for the freedom to worship as Catholics in our country, whether it might do us some good to be under such blatant persecution. People will then see it for what it is, and might be provoked into standing up for their beliefs.

A school provoked fury last night by ordering a devout Catholic schoolgirl to remove her cross necklace because it posed a health and safety risk.

Teachers demanded Samantha Devine remove her chain and tiny crucifix despite allowing Muslim and Sikh pupils to wear symbols of their religion.

Her family have vowed to fight the decision "all the way" claiming it discriminates against Christians.

The case mirrors the row which engulfed British Airways and forced the airline into an embarrassing climbdown after it threatened to sack an employee who insisted on wearing her cross at work.

In the latest clash, 13-year-old Samantha was left in tears after her form teacher told her she must remove her tiny half-inch crucifix and chain.

But her furious family yesterday pointed out the school - Robert Napier in Gillingham, Kent - allows Muslim pupils to wear headscarves and Sikh students to come to lessons with turbans and bangles.

Samantha even claims staff routinely fail to crack down on youngsters wearing non-religious jewellery, including large necklaces and earrings.

Her parents are concerned she is being singled out because she is a Christian. The youngster last night vowed to continue wearing her necklace to school - even if it means being expelled.

Her stand now threatens to spark similar confrontations in schools up and down the country.

Read the full story HERE.


Anonymous said...

If the reason really was health & safety, then they should only have asked her to remove it during P.E. and Home Ec! They're hypocrites... They can't cite a damn good reason becaused they're actually victimising this poor girl!

Paulinus said...

I wonder if they realise how daft they make themselves look?

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